Old Wuzzark is a virtual repository of the Present life of Rod Brown
The notes of a Retired Computer Wizard ( Definition ~WUZZARK = Was Wizard )

An Oldwuzzark Production
Greetings to all the little Acorns, however far away you may be.

One foot in the past, one foot in the future
*** Enjoying the present ***
July 2008 Edition.
A pointer to his Web sites, his interests and things he finds funny,
now he is able to reflect on life a little.

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You are listening to a portion of a developing piece, the current working title is 'Wuzzifly'

Below are Web sites, in various stages of update, repair and design.
Which site will you visit today ?

= Newer Items .

Shedland (The Original)
Shedland replacement
ICL @ Putney
Shedlandsoftwaredesign (home)
My London
Husky Hunter
Bits and Bytes

OCH Orig
OCH Final
Thinking Machines

Solar Micro Generation

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